Behind the Name Traveler Wows

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” ~ Danny Kaye

DSCN0496 (2)
A  family “WOW” moment at the Colosseum in Rome

My travel experience has been great.  From airports, airlines,  restaurants, hotels, sightseeing to different cultures – all of it was wonderful. Therefore, I thought it’d be best if I created a travel blog where I can share my journeys.

That’s when Traveler Wow’s was born. “Why that name?” you’re probably asking. It wasn’t easy coming  up with a name for a travel blog.  It had to be easy to spell, catchy, related to travel and most important of all, it had to be available. Everything I tried was already taken. I spent almost two hours researching names that met my expectations.

After a while trying and frustration kicking in, I began thinking about my trips. Every time an amazing image, like the Colosseum, came across my mind, I remembered my reaction, as well as my family’s reaction. The word I mostly heard was, “WOW.” Then I began to think of all the delicious first-time meals we had and what we exclaimed once presented with such fabulous plates. It was also a “WOW” moment. But, it didn’t end there. To take a break from the researching, I began checking my e-mails when I came across an email from a travel company which was offering a last-minute trip to India for $699! WOW, that was a great deal but we needed to act soon. At that moment, I told my husband about it and his reaction was, “WOW.” That’s when it hit me.  The word “WOW” needed to be part of that name. I finally knew what my new travel blog would be called and so it began here.

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