Why Are People So Afraid to Travel Abroad?

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. ~ Susan Sontag

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Traveling and Afraid

While socializing with people I’ve realized that traveling abroad is a scary thing for many. I live in the United States (U.S.) and had people tell me that I should not be going abroad since there are so many world-wide problems and it is too dangerous. For instance, one of those conversations was around the time of the Paris attack in 2015. The person who mentioned the Paris attack told me that they preferred to do internal tourism than risk their life in an unfamiliar country.

I understand doing internal tourism, and that’s okay, though not what I want to do. But, what I could not comprehend is how any one would think they are safe if traveling locally and unsafe while traveling abroad. If there is anything that we are 100% sure we’ll experience – which is death – why worry about when and where? Why do we live our lives thinking about dangers that may, or may not, be lurking somewhere? Okay, we do need to be cautious. I wouldn’t travel to a country which I know is at war. But I don’t assume that I will be safe in my own country either. I prefer to enjoy the time I am given on earth to do and see what a wonderful world it is. And that starts by traveling abroad.

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Life is Not Guaranteed

If we are talking about safety, let’s face it, not even in bed, we are safe. For all we know, we can die in our sleep! Walking, eating, working, driving – none of it is safe. Let’s embrace this life we have as if it were our last day and venture out into the world. Let’s learn about other cultures, meet new people, taste different foods, and explore the wonders of our planet. We only have one life to live, so let’s live it to the fullest and with no regrets.

If You’re Worried, Book It The Safe Way

If you’re not the type to do independent traveling, then book your trip through a travel agency and include escorted tours. A travel agency will not put their customers at risk. Therefore, they will offer fantastic trip packages and deals that will fit any budget and to your favorite destinations. A travel agency will never suggest a country which can be dangerous. Trust me, if a travel agency knows of any heightened safety risks, they will immediately find ways to either rebook, reroute or refund. But, if you’re the adventurous type and willing to travel independently, go for it. Go with an open mind and book a trip to your favorite destination. As William Shakespeare said, the world is [my, your, our] oyster! Leave worry behind. Not to be morbid, but, when it is your time to leave this earth, it’ll happen anywhere and at any time – even in bed.

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