Glistening Sand In Our Toes

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” ~ Rumi

Sandals Montego Bay

The Island of Jamaica

Nestled in the Caribbean sea is the island of Jamaica. We don’t hear much about Jamaica or what it has to offer. The truth is Jamaica is a little hidden gem waiting to be explored. Even though our trip to Jamaica was an all-inclusive adult-only one, we did some outside exploration.



We stayed at the Sandals Montego Bay beachfront resort. The pristine white sand beach was breathtaking. The service was great and the staff was accommodating and friendly. The open concept lobby allowed for the fresh air to flow through while we captured the beauty of the beach and ocean views. The room was impeccably decorated in a tropical theme with direct views to the beach and ocean. A nice comfy queen size bed made for a restful night and the mini bar was fully stocked. Of course, there was free WiFi in the room and the common areas.

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All-Inclusive Included So Much

The all-inclusive reservation included breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks (including wine and beer); unlimited dining at their 12 restaurants and 6 bars. It also included scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boards, kayaks, Hobie cats, and water sports professional instruction too. It included bocce ball, tennis, volleyball at the beach, pool tables, land sports, and a fitness center. There were live shows and day and night entertainment. The airport transfers and roundtrip shuttles to two other nearby Sandals were also included. And all tips, taxes, and gratuities too. Not bad, huh?

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Vacation at Our Leisure

We dug our feet in the silky white glistening sand while strolling the sandy beach early in the morning and sunbathed during the day. We enjoyed kayaking in the serene waters of Jamaica and watched the sun go down on the Bayside International Cuisine terrace. And with unlimited drinks we spent our evenings at their different venues – from the piano bar to their live entertainment – it was a non-stop party.

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Love to Eat?

What can I tell you about the food? The food was delicious! So many places to eat from and so little time. Our 3-day and 4-night trip was not enough to taste all the appetizing dishes available. From local cuisine to a Parisian Café – you will have a hard time trying to figure out where to eat. Now Jamaican coffee is one of the best coffee’s I’ve had. For coffee lovers, it’s a must.

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Exploring Jamaica

Outside of the Sandals Hotel, we visited the Hip Strip. We took a tour bus to the strip and around town. The strip has plenty of stores selling the same souvenirs and lots of people. The price difference for souvenirs between the hotel and the strip wasn’t much. The town is small – nothing much to see. If you’re not interested in seeing the town of Montego Bay, you can purchase your souvenirs at the hotel.


We enjoyed our stay at the Sandals Montego Bay. But I mostly enjoyed their people, culture, and traditions and hope to return someday.

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