In A Different Country And You Can’t Charge Your Electronics, Now What?

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” ~ Anita Desai

So, you’ve arrived at your destination! You are so happy now in the hotel and want to unwind a bit before heading out to explore. But first, you need to charge your smartphone, tablet and fix your hair with your straightener or blower and… OH NO! YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL PLUG ADAPTER/CONVERTER, AAAAAAHHHH! (It hasn’t happened to us, but it could).

When getting ready to travel it seems that there’s always something we forget to take. I’m sure it has happened at least once to every traveler and it probably has been the international plug adapter/converter. It seems like something insignificant. We don’t think about it although we do remember to bring all our charging cables. So, what do you do?

International Plugs

International Travel Adapters

Well, you can ask at the hotel’s front desk if they have one you can borrow or if they sell any, which you’ll buy at an outrageous price because you need it. You can also just wait to buy one elsewhere – probably at a higher price than at the hotel, also at the cost of wasting your precious limited vacation time looking for this gadget.

But, fear no more. I have the perfect solution…of course, it’s BEFORE you venture out on your trip. Where do you normally store your international plug adapter/converter? Do you tuck it away somewhere safe you won’t forget? Hehehe, didn’t work, huh? It’s time you place it somewhere you will not forget it – like in your luggage! Yes, when you first buy your gadget before your trip or when you arrive from your trip, don’t put it away. Just leave it inside your luggage. This way, when you start to pack for your next trip, it’s already packed and ready to go! I suggest to always carry more than one international plug adapter/converter. We had the unfortunate situation of one of ours not working at all. Don’t let that happen to you. USA, LLC

If you carry a real camera (instead of using your phone), plus your tablet, smartphone, and who knows what else, you might need more than one adapter. I’m writing from experience. My husband had to wake up in the middle of the night to switch my phone which had reached full charge to plug his phone to charge because we only brought one adapter. Or you can get the one with multiple plugs. Many hotels only have one wall outlet.

Also, make sure you have the right adapter/converter. It’s not a “one size fits all.” Not every country uses the same one. It has to be compatible with the voltage and plug type in the country you’re traveling to. There are a few to choose from and different prices. They are relatively low in price, although you will find some expensive ones. Frankly, I don’t know why the difference in price. It’s not like the more expensive one will charge your gadget any faster. Anyway, I’ve compounded a list of plugs per country for those interested. Feel free to print or share.

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2 thoughts on “In A Different Country And You Can’t Charge Your Electronics, Now What?

  1. I’ve found that the 2 holes one if they have it going further than usual can fit into a few of the other countries.
    I also like to have the plugs in my bags. I have the charger itself fitted for the countries. Not all, just European ones.

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