Our Time at the Fun City of Seville

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde

Plaza de España

The Vibrant City of Seville

On our recent visit to Spain, we visited Seville in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain. Seville is so full of life. The city was bustling with activities and tourists. The Festival de las Naciones (Nation’s Festival) was taking place, which included many kiosks, vendors, and artists from all over the world. It took place at the El Prado San Sebastian de Sevilla with locals and tourists as visitors.

Catedral de Sevilla

Largest Gothic Church in the World

Seville is the home of Catedral de Sevilla and bell tower. It is the third-largest church in Europe and the largest Gothic church in the world. It’s registered as a World Heritage Site and a very beautiful structure.

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A Safe City Indeed

One of the things I enjoyed the most as we strolled through Jardines de Murillo park was seeing the many locals sit and enjoy the autumn night atmosphere. Women and men – young and old – sat on the benches alone or accompanied by someone with no worries just enjoying the fresh air.

So Much to See, Do and Eat

Then there’s the old city which is in an area for pedestrians and residents only. With restaurants, pastry, and souvenir shops lining the narrow streets of the old city. Tables and chairs lined the sidewalks which created a delightful environment for locals and tourists. One of my favorite restaurants in the area was Bar Catalina. We had a varied platter of Spanish delicacies and great cañas (beer). The food was delicious. I highly recommend it if you’re in town. We also had dinner at Modesto Tapas and lunch at el 3 de Oro, but we were not impressed by either.

Hotel Charm

We stayed at a quaint hotel, Puerta de Sevilla, in the old city center of Seville. The building dates back to 1929, and they have done a fantastic job at keeping its décor to that era.

Seville is a Must-Visit City

Seville is a beautiful city and lots of fun. If you stay in the city center, like we did, getting around is easy. Everything is within walking distance, and the weather was perfect for doing just that – low 70’s and high 60’s. So if you’re ever in Spain, don’t forget to visit Seville. You won’t regret it.

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