So Much to Explore and So Little Time in Caceres

Caceres is one of my favorite towns in Spain. Its cobblestone streets and narrow walkways, quaint local shops, local cuisine, and the ancient town make it a destination worthwhile the visit. This was our second visit to Caceres and it seems that every time we visit we discover there is more to explore. You can read about our first visit here.

We stayed at the quaint Hotel Iberia Plaza Mayor. Its location is so convenient in the Plaza Mayor of the old town (hence the name) and within walking distance from restaurants, shops, bars, and the old town.

This hotel has retained its 1950s charm and the service was great. The rooms and bathrooms are quite large in comparison to other hotels – well at least ours was. The room and bathroom were very well maintained and clean. It’s one of the few hotels that include breakfast without having to pay an extra fee. There is parking included at the Obispo Galarza Parking Garage about 500 feet from the hotel. The rate for late October was less than $50 per night!

What amazes me the most from Caceres is that the old city is not only occupied by government offices or museums. Many of the buildings are used as the current residence for the locals. I would love the opportunity to see the interior of one of these residences.

There are also many churches within the town walls – from small quaint chapels to majestic large sanctuaries.

There are many places that offer local entertainment. There’s a restaurant, “El Corral de Las Cigueñas,” that has a courtyard and is smack down the center of the old town walls which had a live group playing Celtic music. Too bad we had already eaten.

Vehicle traffic is limited to residents and those on official business. The streets are so narrow that it would be chaotic to have a constant flow of traffic through the old city.

We had lunch at “La Minerva Caceres” across from the old town of Caceres. It was great – Ravioli Foie with gratinated orange and mango sauce, Octopus salad, local wine, and beer – just perfect. We also enjoyed a dinner at “Velequile Gastronomia.” That food was not only perfectly presently and visually appealing, it was also delicious. I highly recommend both restaurants. I promise you won’t regret it.

Caceres is a whole other world to explore. It is not often talked about but there is so much to see and enjoy. So next time you’re in Spain, take a little detour and explore the ancient city of Caceres.

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