The Peaceful Life You’re Missing in the Small Town of Crawford

“Keep traveling even if you don’t know where the road will end.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

Enjoying Nature Together

We recently traveled to Georgia. Crawford, in Oglethorpe county, to be precise. It is a small town with a population of 832 according to its most recent census of 2019. We needed a weekend to just enjoy each other and nature. Our long-time friends opened their doors for us to stay with them. They have a beautiful two-story historic house in the downtown area, which served as a Bed & Breakfast at one time.

Views So Perfect!

Crawford is a quiet town with beautiful displays of winter and summer scenes. Snow covered streets make a perfect setting for Christmas movies and postcards. In the spring and summer months, its luscious landscape is the perfect setting for relaxation. While there was no snow when we visited, it was chilly but felt tranquil all day long. Surrounded by greenery with little to no traffic made for an enjoyable weekend. The night was so silent you could hear a pin drop. The air you breathe is refreshing and calming to the soul. Nature is so perfect!

Everything Within Walking Distance

Since the town is small it is easy to make your way to shops and eateries on foot. I only saw one streetlight in the entire town. If there were more, I probably did not notice because I was mesmerized with all the luscious landscaping views.

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Victorian Houses Line the Streets

You can not miss the beautiful, old Victorian houses that line the streets of Crawford – all very well maintained. Depicting back to the 1800s, current owners have managed to preserve their original style.

1870 Victorian House – Photo by Amy Delfin

Family-Owned Shops Still Exist

Even though it is a small town you will find all essential businesses – from hair salons, banks, restaurants, shops, government services, etc. – they are all readily available and accessible. Many are family-owned independent stores. One of the nicest things in Crawford is the support residents have shown to the shops. I think we need more places like these. I, too, prefer to support the small independent shops rather than the big box retailers.

Old Train Depot

The historic train depot, 1158 Athens Road, is the center point of Crawford. It is currently the County Chamber of Commerce while at the same time being renovated. During the ongoing renovation process it is expected the retention of the original Lithonia granite crossties. The train depot is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Train Depot

Bed & Breakfast Available Too

If you prefer to stay within the countryside, wake up to the call of chickens, and chirping birds, you might want to consider a Bed & Breakfast. There is a small one, The Chicken Coop Bed & Breakfast, 1030 Athens Road in Crawford. And it is just .06 miles by foot from the city center. It seems to be affordably priced, too. You can check out their website here.

The Chicken Coop Bed & Breakfast

Not Touristic But Lovely

Unless you prefer the hustle and bustle of crowded touristic places, there are many small quiet towns in every U.S. state that will offer you the peace and quiet we sometimes need in our lives. If you have not done so already, open your mind, spread your wings and explore small towns too. You will be amazed at what you’ll find.

One of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders Like You’ve Never Experienced It Before

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