What Should We Expect When Quarantined in Another Country?

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I Don’t Understand

Throughout these past few months, there has been a lot of talk and incidents regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Loss of jobs, vacations on hold, mask-wearing protests, home quarantine, travel quarantine, etc. The one that catches my attention the most is the travel quarantine. I don’t understand how it would work. Let me explain.

What Does Quarantine Travelers Mean?

I’ve read about a few countries saying that travelers arriving at their country will have to go into quarantine for 14 days, and here’s where I am confused. So, if I go to another country and am asked to quarantine, what’s the protocol? Let’s analyze this. I arrive at my destination and off-board the plane. Now what? Will there be a few people waiting to test us all for COVID-19? Or are we all automatically rerouted to a holding area for quarantining?

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My Questions Regarding the Quarantine

Will they transport me to a specific location where I will stay? If so, what type of location is it? Is it in the airport premises, hotel, or other location? Also, who will take care of my basic needs such as food? Will there be medical staff available to monitor my health? How about if my instructions are to remain in my hotel room for 14 days? Who will be there to make sure I stay put in a hotel room? 

Just Curious

I constantly read or hear about people who are traveling and which need to quarantine. I understand the concerns and implications. I’m not traveling soon, I’m just curious about how do they go about quarantining traveling folks. Personally, I think if one feels they need to quarantine their visitors then just ban travel for a while. Some people will always do as they please, even if they know they are ill. Just my thought but I’m also curious to know your thoughts. Care to share?

I would like to read your comments. Care to share?

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