Bordeaux: A 6-Hour Drive from Paris and What We Experienced

Arriving in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a bustling city in the southwest of France. It is home to many vineyards and chateaus where the worldwide known Bordeaux wines come from. Bordeaux is quite popular among tourists. I was not expecting so many, especially during the slow season in late October. It is a beautiful city with its Gothic and Romanesque styles of architecture, many of which are recognized as UNESCO Heritage Site.

Not Happy with the Hotel

We stayed at the Hotel Bleu de Mer on 12, 14 rue Saint-Rémi in the Bordeaux city center. The hotel is in a prime location within walking distance of local shops, museums, UNESCO Heritage sites, parks, chateaus, the iconic Place de la Bourse, the tram, and overlooks the Garonne River. We booked through and unfortunately; the room was nothing like the one pictured on either or the hotel’s website. The décor was nothing to brag about. It was old, dingy, and ugly. The sheets did not smell fresh but were stored for a long time. The bathroom was quite uncomfortable and disgusting. It was disappointing to see that it was dirty. You can see the mold, dirt, and grime on the bathroom tile. It is easy to know that if the grout is white and there are black areas on it; they have not cleansed it properly. The hotel’s level of cleanliness is not up to par with what their reviews state. At a price of over $120 per night, I expected a decent and clean place. On the bright side, the breakfast was wonderful, and the staff was friendly and courteous too. However, I DO NOT recommend you book your stay there.

Where to Eat

One of our dinners was a specialty while in Bordeaux. We booked a Dinner River Cruise aboard the Chateau Pape Clement Grand Cru Classe de Graves (Sicambre). It included everything from appetizers, full meals, desserts, and, of course, local wines. The food was good, not spectacular, but good. The local wine was delicious and perfectly paired with our meal. But the entire experience was certainly not worth the $99 per person tag that came along with it. Like my husband said, “We fell for the tourist trap.” However, we enjoyed the cruise though it was already dark; another mistake we made by booking the dinner cruise instead of the lunch cruise. But had we not tried it, we would have never known.

Save yourself some money and opt for the fabulous restaurants throughout with spectacular views, superb wines, delicious food at affordable prices. A couple I would like to mention is La Parenthése Creperie. I did not know crepes could be prepared in so many ways. The presentation was spectacular, and the taste was outstanding. And Le Miroir Restaurant has a wide variety of charcuterie boards paired with the perfect wine.

What to Do

Walking along the cobblestone streets of Bordeaux was the highlight of our stay in Bordeaux. There was something to enjoy in every nook and cranny – from street performers to tasty foods—everything was great. There is a tram that runs constantly, from 4 a.m. until around midnight, throughout the city center. It is at ground level with no overhead wires, therefore, pedestrians must be cautious and make sure they are not in the tram’s way when they approach. Driving through Bordeaux was also a wonderful experience too. Even the bridges are magnificent and hold a story to them. Bordeaux has so much to see and do that a mere two days is not enough to fully embrace its wonders. Therefore, jot Bordeaux down on your bucket list the next time you’re in France. It is a destination worthwhile a visit.

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2 thoughts on “Bordeaux: A 6-Hour Drive from Paris and What We Experienced

  1. Looks like it was a great trip. European countries are all great destinations. Not everything is perfect, however, clean rooms and bathrooms in hotels are always expected and a very important thing for the majority travelers.

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    1. It was a wonderful trip indeed. Hotels need to retrain their custodial staff. I don’t know if it was because of the pandemic and/or if they have enough staff but the cleanliness is important.


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