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“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.”
~ George Bernard Shaw


Guest Expect the Best

Many years of experience within the tourist industry have taught us to be extra cautious in selecting a hotel. But, after watching Anthony Melchiorri’s T.V. program, Hotel Impossible, we’ve become very picky.  We believe that no matter how budget-friendly or luxurious the hotel is, our stay should be a satisfactory one.  There is no room for error here.

Important Features of a Hotel

In no particular order, below are our top ten most important things we expect to find in a hotel.

Appropriate Temperature

Whether it be the air conditioner, heater or water temperature, guests expect that the AC, heater or water heater are in good working conditions. No one wants to return to their room after an extremely cold day outside to find that the water heater does not work and they have to shower with cold water.


An easy check-in and check-out process make for a great trip. The last thing we want is to have a complicated check-in after a long flight or risk losing our flight because of a complicated check-out.


Hotels need to provide clean bathrooms and bedrooms. As well as clean sheets, towels, and everything in between. Clean bathroom walls and floor. I prefer no yucky carpets and no bed bugs, please!


Comfortable Beds

At the end of the day, guests need a comfortable place to lay their heads down to rest. Therefore, a good mattress, pillow, and sheets are essential. Throw out those lumpy pillows!


The Internet is now categorized as one of the most important features anywhere. Be it for work or to call home to their family, having a good internet connection is critical. If it’s free we are happy.


City center would be perfect. But if that’s not the case, then having a metro station or other means of transportation nearby would suffice.



For some, parking is important since some guests choose to rent a vehicle and parking garages are extremely expensive. So, if the hotel offers this feature, it’s a win-win.


Having a restaurant on the premises is ideal. But if that’s not possible, then a few nearby will be good enough.


Safety and security

Guests need to know that they can rest comfortably without the worries of someone breaking into their bedroom while they’re resting. Or someone rummaging through their belongings while they’re out. A safe in the room would be great.


Size does matter! We don’t need a room or bathroom the size of a ballroom, but we don’t want to feel the walls closing in on us either.

Do you have any particular features you expect from hotels during your stay? What has your experience been? Comment below and tell us your stories.

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