Hotel Iberia Plaza Mayor

“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Hotel Iberia Plaza Mayor


Hotel Iberia Plaza mayor is centrally located within the historic city of CaceHotel Iberia Plaza mayor is centrally located within the historic city of Caceres in Spain. It is about a 10-minute walk from the city center as well. There is also a nearby parking garage, restaurants, bars, and shops all within walking distance.

Hotel Description

Hotel Iberia is a palace dating back to the 19th century. Its decor is typical of its era. I was not too fond of the decor but it does go well with the hotel. It gives it a sense of mystery. It is a little spooky. Not bad spooky but the energy is strong. The rooms and bathrooms are large and cozy. They were well kept and clean. I did not find the beds to be comfortable but my husband did. I guess it’s a matter if you like a hard bed or a soft one, therefore, I won’t complain about it.


The hotel serves a buffet-style breakfast in their cozy dining room. It was good and what you’d normally find in any buffet-style breakfast. I didn’t like the coffee. It was coffee from a machine. I would have preferred freshly brewed coffee instead. But with so many restaurants nearby, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee for your liking.

Hotel Iberia dining room


Hotel Iberia’s service has been one of the best ones by far. The check-in process went smoothly and quickly. The concierge, manager on duty, and housekeepers were very attentive and accommodating.


This hotel is kept impeccably clean and it’s not only the rooms and bathroom but the hallways, dining room, and reception area as well. Its proximity to restaurants, shops, parking garage, old city, and town is a huge plus.


Hotel Iberia has no elevator/lift. Even though it’s only about four floors, hauling luggage up the stairs is grueling. The stairs are not steep and are wide enough to allow you to take your time without obstructing others path. Also, the landing space is quite large to allow you to catch your breath if you need to.


Hotel Iberia’s price in late October was 52€. But I’m sure it depends on the season and which type of room you choose.


Our experience at Hotel Iberia was wonderful. I would rate it a 4 out of 5. Other than hauling luggage up the stairs and no freshly brewed coffee, we have no complaints and have designated this hotel our preferred place to stay when visiting Caceres.

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