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Traveling makes us happy. We try to take a trip at least once a year. If we get the chance, we will do two or more. We’ve used two different sources to book our travels. One is an online travel site, which we like a lot.  We book our vacation package with a deposit and pay whatever we can on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – whichever suits us best – until we pay it off completely just as long as it’s 45 days before our travel date. The other option is through an airline itself, British Airways. This airline also offers a vacation package with the option to give a down payment and pay the balance in various payments comfortable for you. There are a few other airlines that offer this option as well.

We use these options because it gives us the flexibility to custom tailor our trip to our liking and needs. We can choose escorted tours or independent travels. We have done both. It depends on whether we just want to go along for the ride or prefer to do more legwork.

Little Passports

We don’t have a preference in airlines and have flown in quite a few different ones. Of course, there are some we like better than others. But, we prefer to continue traveling through different ones. This way we are able to compare and bring you the pros and cons of each.

Etihad Airways APAC

I will continue to update you with other airlines as we continue to travel. So follow me on my quest to evaluate each one. I understand that sometimes things happen that are out of the airline’s control. Of course, I will take that into consideration. We’ve traveled more than once on a specific airline, which is great because it allows us to know if such airline’s tactics are consistent or a one-time situation. Remember, these thoughts are based on our experience. Your experience may be different from ours. But I will be as honest and blunt as can be with each and every airline that we’ve traveled. I would love to hear your experience as well – be it good, bad, happy or sad, so come along for the ride and give us your feedback with your experience.



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