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One of our return trips from Europe was through an American Airlines Boeing 777. It departed from Heathrow Airport in U.K. after a layover from Italy. Customs in Heathrow Airport was not easy though. I knew that liquid items in a checked-in bag had to be no more than 3.4 oz and in a clear zip lock bag. However, I did not know that every item, such as hand sanitizer, perfume, lipstick, hand cream, etc. in my handbag needed to be in a clear zip lock bag as well. Since they were not in a zip lock my hand bag was chosen for manual search and I was asked to step aside to be frisked. They were polite though and even gave me the baggies for my handbag stuff. After this small ordeal on the zip lock bags everything else was fine. Keep in mind, this does not, in any way, reflect on the airline itself since it was an airport safety and security related issue. The check-in process at the American Airlines counter was a smooth one and quick.

Once on board the airline I felt relieved. The aircraft was clean and very well maintained. The insecticide odor was not as strong as in other airlines. We upgraded our seats for more leg room and they were very comfortable. I think they were even a bit wider too. It was so comfortable that I was able to sleep for 5 consecutive hours!

AA Premium Economy
American Airlines Premium Economy – photo property of AA

We didn’t have as many meal breaks as in other airlines since we slept quite a lot and we were grateful to them for allowing us to sleep.  The flight attendants were very polite and went out of their way to wake us up for the big meals – such as lunch and dinner. When those came around it was pretty good for airplane food. My only complaint was the coffee but then again, I don’t find that any of the airlines offer good coffee – well according to my taste.

The flight was very good with very minimal turbulence (if any). And, I was amazed at how silent that aircraft was. I remember asking myself, “Is this thing even on?” because of how silent it was. Indeed it was one of the best flights I’ve had. I would definitely fly American Airlines again.

I rate American Airlines a 5 out of 5 (Excellent)!

What has your experience been like on an American Airlines flight?

*Please note that this rating is based on our experience only

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