British Airways


We flew British Airways to Madrid, Spain and back on a Boeing 777. We upgraded to world traveler plus for more leg room. The check-in transition was smooth and the attendants were polite. Once in the boarding area, the attendant called our names so we approached the desk. She asked to see our boarding passes and told us our seats were being changed. We liked our seats and asked why. She looked at us and said, “Don’t worry, these are better.” We didn’t know what to expect but we sat down and waited for boarding to begin. Once boarding began, we were one of the first people to board – that was nice. We reached the aircraft and were directed to another area.  The attendant had upgraded us to Club World – yes indeed, much better seats!

British Airways Club World Seats from British – photo property of BA

The aircraft was clean and very well maintained. We were treated to wine, wet clothe, socks, and all the common amenities you get when flying. We were able to choose our meal from an elaborate menu. The seats were comfortably spacious and reclined into a flat-bed. The “cubicle” style of each seat provided the privacy needed all the while allowing you to interact with your traveling partner adjacent to you. There was plenty of power supplies for laptops, phones, or any gadget we had. And, they had a wide range of movies for entertainment as well.

The flight attendants were very polite and hospitable which made the experience enjoyable. It was a very good flight – no turbulence, or was it that I was so comfortable that I didn’t even feel the turbulence? Hmmm, I guess I’ll never know. Anyway, it was a very positive experience and wonderful flight.

I rate British Airways a 5 out of 5. WAY TO BRITISH AIRWAYS!

What are your thoughts?

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*Please note that the rating is based on our experience solely

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