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We flew Delta Airlines Boeing 757 to Paris Charles Du Gaulle Airport from Florida. Yes, a direct flight to Paris! Even though we did the online check-in, we had to do it again at the counter because they could not locate my booking. It was a small mishap which was promptly rectified.

However, I was disappointed at the level of cleanliness of the aircraft. It needed a detailed cleaning. Good thing I carry Lysol wipes with me. We upgraded to more leg room which we liked. The seats were not as comfy as I expected. From the looks of it, they seemed comfy until we sat down.

Delta Airlines Boeing 757 – Photos property of Delta Airlines

The food did not look appetizing and was not good. But I have to admit that the flight was pretty good, very little turbulence. The aircraft was quite loud which surprised me. It was probably an old plane. The crew was very polite.

Overall, I rate Delta Airlines a 3 (average) out of 5.

What has your experience been like on a Delta Airlines flight?

*Please note that this rating is based on our experience only

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