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On our first international trip from the U.S. to Venice , Italy we flew an Iberia Airbus 340-600 with a layover in Madrid , Spain. The aircraft seemed old but it was clean and well equipped.

We didn’t book our seats ahead of time and allowed the airline to seat us. Bad move though. We were seated in the last row adjacent to the lavatory. There was no overhead compartment, so our carry-on had to be placed under the seat in front of us. That was not ideal since we both are tall and need as much leg room as possible. The seats were very uncomfortable, with limited space and we could barely recline them since they were back to back with the lavatory. (Don’t ever select these seats).

Don’t book seats (red back of the plane) in row 52 adjacent to the lavatory, they are the worst!

The constant toilet flushing in the lavatory did not make it any better. We could not sleep and the earphones were no help at all to diminish the noise from the lavatory. To top it off, after a few passengers ‘relieved’ themselves (if you know what I mean), the smell was awful – like a smack on your face. Unless you suffered from a severe nasal congestion it was almost impossible to breathe, let alone eat. It’s a good thing our meals were served before passengers began using the lavatory. The only other seats available were in the same row, opposite from where we were seated and also adjacent to lavatories. Therefore, it didn’t make sense to change seats since we’d experience the same.

The entertainment was the same as in all flights. I’m not a TV person so watching a movie or TV was not helping me at all. Being it my first international flight, I didn’t prepare myself with reading material or anything more to entertain myself. Therefore, I won’t rate the airline on this because it would not be fair. The flight itself was not bad – very little to no turbulence. However, the aircraft was loud making it difficult to sleep. The food was not bad for airplane food or it could have been that we were hungry and anything was going to taste great. The crew was polite and responsive to our needs. However, our connecting flight from Madrid to Venice was also Iberia (Express) and the experience was different. More than half of the aircraft was empty. The crew was also polite and allowed us to sit wherever we pleased which made a big difference.

We will fly Iberia again to give it a fair chance, but we will choose where to seat instead of letting the airline assign our seats because it was the most uncomfortable seats ever. For now I will rate Iberia 3 out of 5.

Have you flown Iberia? If so, what are your thoughts?

*Please note that the rating is based on our experience solely

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