United Airlines

Photography by Tim Gouw

We flew United Airlines to Europe quite a few times on a Boeing 777. The check-in process was easy and the customer service staff was polite. All flights were on time which I appreciated. The United Airlines aircraft was very well maintained and clean. I like that it didn’t feel cramped even though we chose seats in the middle row. Actually, one of our United Airlines flight was where I had the perfume nightmare. But that’s another story. You can read about it here.

Anyway, back to the airline review. As I was saying, the seats were comfortable even without an upgrade for more leg room. We didn’t feel we needed it and my husband and I are tall. They also felt a bit wider which I liked.

One of the best things United Airlines has is its lavatory (restroom). Everyone knows that airplane restrooms are quite small. We can barely move around in there. I was surprised to see that the United Airlines aircraft’s lavatory was a little bit larger than all other planes I’ve been on – just a tad bit comfier.


The food… well it’s airplane food, but it wasn’t bad. I’ve had worst. One of my top complaints about airlines, in general, is their coffee. Oh dear, I have not had a good cup of coffee on any flight! I do like their desserts. On this airline we got ice cream and who doesn’t like ice cream?

The crew was polite making it an enjoyable flight. And the flight was smooth, very little turbulence. I also liked that the plane was quiet – no loud motors to be heard.
I like this airline even with all the bad publicity it had. I’m glad to say I have not had any negative experience with them. Actually, I’ve flown United Airlines quite a few times and would definitely continue to fly with them.

Overall I give United Airlines a 5 out 5.

*Please note that this rating is based on our experience only

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