Preparing For Travel

“To travel is to live.” ~ Hans Christian Anderson

Skip The Lines

…after a long, exhausting flight…

When my husband and I decided to travel we prepared ourselves as much as possible. One of the things that we wanted to avoid was the long lines through Customs after an exhausting and long flight. But, the only way to avoid Customs was to apply for Global Entry and so we did. So, what is Global Entry? Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program which allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers when arriving in the United States. Applicants undergo an extensive background check, fingerprinting and interview process. After a nominal fee, you are ready to travel without the hassle of the long wait and it is valid for 5 years. For more information or to apply for your Global Entry visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Protecting Your Valuables

IMGP0980 (2)
One of my traveling bags

After researching my travel destinations and reviewing the do’s and don’t of each. I decided to adhere to one of the warnings regarding pickpocketing. Let’s face it, when we’re traveling and admiring all the beauty, landmarks, and culture of another country, we lose focus on our surroundings thus leaving us vulnerable to potential pickpocketers. Therefore, I made sure to purchase the perfect bag for my trip. One that could not be easily snatched, opened or torn. That perfect bag is Travelon bag. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors so you can easily coordinate with your outfit. I chose the larger version to fit my iPad and windbreaker in it.  My husband also prepared for any unfortunate event with the cash safe anti-theft belt which is TSA approved and won’t trigger the alarm when going through security check.

Zip Lock Bags for Everything That Fits

We all know that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires for all liquids (shampoo, deodorants, perfumes, etc.) to be in 3.4-ounce bottles or smaller and inside a clear ziplock bag in your carry-on luggage. There’s nothing said about make-up, hand sanitizer, or hand lotion in a women’s handbag. All airports have different rules as I discovered while traveling through London ’s Heathrow airport. My make-up, hand sanitizer, and hand lotion were loose in my purse. I was pulled aside to check my handbag and I was frisked as well. They were very polite about it and even gave me the ziplock bags for the loose items in my purse.

Taking Jewelry on Your Trip?

Most of us love to combine our clothes with certain jewelry. I’ve read in many places that it’s not a good idea to place jewelry in your checked bags – even if they are costume jewelry. The first time I traveled, I placed my necklaces in a ziplock bag inside my purse. Big mistake, I couldn’t wear them because by the time we arrived at our destination they were tangled. I didn’t want to waste time untangling them. In searching for the perfect jewelry storage that I can carry in my purse, I came across the round, plastic seven-day pill organizer. It fit perfectly in my purse and the slots were big enough to accommodate my jewelry and they didn’t tangle. You can get these in any pharmacy or local department store, or you might even have an extra one at home you don’t use. If you need to purchase one, they are priced below $5; a small price to pay to protect your valuables.

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