Luggage, Carry-On and Handbags


One of the easiest forms to get around is with a backpack because it keeps your hands free to do or carry other stuff. We have the Swiss Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack. We don’t take laptops with us when we travel but the backpack is great for anything you take! But don’t take my word, research for the one that fits your needs.

Duffle Bag

We take a duffle bag inside our suitcase just in case we bring souvenirs or extra gifts. I only bring my handbag on the plane, therefore, I’m allowed a carryon which this covers because it’s not too big. The duffle bag pictured, Lucien Hanna Large Travel Duffles Foldable Duffel Bagis the one we have had and used for our trips during the past five years. It is still in great conditions too and it’s foldable!

Hand Bag

I use the Travelon anti-theft handbag so I can walk around with the security that my back won’t be ripped off from me or gotten into. The strap is adjustable and cannot be cut and the zippers come with a clip making it too difficult for someone to try to get into it thus securing my valuables. I have the one shown on the left and a smaller one in black. There is a large variety of these bags to choose from.

Packing Cubes

If you like your suitcase to be well-organized, then don’t forget the packing cubes. There are so many pros to using them. First, you can find your items easier  – especially if you use the clear ones. You can keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty laundry, and if your suitcase is overweight, you can easily open it, remove a cube and place it elsewhere.


I don’t travel with expensive suitcases. After all, they are thrown from one end to another. Therefore, I choose a suitcase that can handle the bangs and drops and is affordable. There is a wide variety of suitcase brands and styles to choose from. Go crazy and choose a style and color that you can spot a mile away!

Wine Suitcase

The wine suitcase is my favorite suitcase! If I’m traveling to a place known for its great wines you can be sure this is the suitcase I will take with me if I want my wine to arrive intact.

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