Crazy Crab Restaurant in Kissimmee will Delight You
Image by Crazy Crab

Feeling Fishy Anyone?

I love seafood so it was a big yes to celebrate a member of our party’s birthday at Crazy Crab at 8701 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee 34747. Not knowing what to expect, we reserved a table just in case the restaurant had a waiting list as it often occurs. It surprised us to find the restaurant was almost empty. We thought maybe it was a sign that the food was not good- hence why it was almost empty. We figured, if we do not try it, we will never know, right?

Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

Sea Decor and Atmosphere

Walking in you will notice how beautifully decorated it is – as if you were under the sea. It smelled fishy, but then again, it is a seafood restaurant. Fishnets, fishes, and sharks swing from the ceiling. Beautiful barrel lamps hang over the tables, and pirates and crustaceous sea creatures are scattered around. The faint blue lighting is the perfect touch to create the ocean atmosphere.
Restaurant decor – image by the author

Service Could Have Been Better

The hostess was polite and took us to a large booth and table with plenty of space to spread out, bothering no one at your party. Our server, a courteous young lady, arrived quickly to hand us menus and take our orders. She brought our meals in a timely manner. However, she forgot an item on our order and slacked on refilling our cups.


For appetizers, we chose fried calamari, coconut shrimp, raw oysters, and hush puppies. The fried calamari was the best we had ever had. Perfectly cooked and crunchy on the outside. The coconut shrimp was tasty. However, the combination of coconut and cocktail sauce was not the best. We’ve had better coconut shrimp elsewhere. I liked that both, the fried calamari and coconut shrimp were well breaded. The presentation was appetizing. The oysters seemed fine, considering they might not have been the freshest. The hush puppies seemed to have fallen off the tray on the way to our table because we never got them. Overall, the appetizers were satisfying.
Appetizers – image by Crazy Crab


Crazy Crab has an extensive entree menu. However, we were looking forward to their special boil combos. Our entrees comprised shrimp pasta and special boil combos of a lobster tail, snow crab, shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes, and eggs. All steamed in a bag with garlic butter and cajun seasoning mix. It was the highlight of the night – so tender, succulent, and well steamed. The size is great. One combo is plenty for two people, so no dessert for us.
Appetizers – image by Crazy Crab

Is it Expensive?

Crazy Crab is pricy. Then again, it is seafood, and well worth the price. Our bill for a party of four was $218, including the tip. It was a great birthday dinner which we all enjoyed. So, if you are planning to have dinner or lunch at Crazy Crab, don’t forget to visit their website for a $10 or $20 off coupon. You can order online and pick it up. And, they are on UberEats too!

Don’t Miss Out on a Great Lunch or Dinner

So, if you are in the area and enjoy seafood, I suggest you stop by Crazy Crab at 8701 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee 34747. You won’t regret it.