Mamak Asian Street Food — the Restaurant Does Not Speak for its Food

Mamak Asian Street Food – photo by the author

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

When away from home and hunger strikes, it is time to stop at a nearby restaurant to fulfill our needs. Often, we tend to eat at brand restaurants but when the waiting time is more than what we’re willing to wait, we opt for someplace different. This was the case with Mamak Asian Street Food.

According to their website, there are two locations in Orlando. The one we ate at was on 3402 Technological Ave in Orlando, Florida. Mamak Asian Street Food was founded by the Lo Family — Mama Jenny and Papa Ken — in 2014. Its concept is based on Malaysian-influenced street food. Looking at the outside structure did not entice us to enter the premises. However, it was not full compared to the other eating venues nearby. It was a bold move since a nearly empty location does not speak well about the place.

The Environment Said Nothing But the Experience Was Worth It

The decor is unbelievably simple, a yellow, black, and gray canvas combined with wood elements that say nothing about the food. Just a sleek and clean environment. As soon as you enter, there’s an ordering station. No overhead menu is available but printed menus are available for you to look at and choose right then and there. After placing and paying for your order, you are given a tabletop number for the table you choose. Our orders were brought to the table randomly and not together.

A Varied Menu

Mamak Asian Street Food- photo by the author

The menu consisted of tapas, grill options, wok options, specials, salads, noodle soups, and rice dishes. It is a bit complicated but each dish has an explanation of what it comprises. Our four-person party ordered Roti Canai, Coconut Shrimp, Satay Skewers, Malaysian Coconut Kari, and Mamak Nasi Goreng.

Rice Dishes- photo by the author

The Roti Canai and Coconut Shrimp were from the tapas menu. The Roti Canai is a toasted flatbread served with a coconut Kari sauce. It was simple but delicious. The Coconut Shrimp goes without saying and it was very tasty as well. From the charcoal grill menu, I had the Satay Skewers. We went with the chicken option, which was deliciously flavored and served with a sweet and spicy sauce topped with peanuts. While the Malaysian Coconut Kari and Mamak Nasi Goreng were from the Rice Dishes menu. The Malaysian Coconut Kari had chicken cooked with ground Kari in a spicy coconut gravy and served with a side of rice. The Mamak Nasi Goreng was a bowl of traditional fried rice with a lot of yummy stuff like shrimp, chicken, eggs, onions, shallots, and scallions. According to myself and our party of four, every dish we ordered was outstanding.

Is it Affordable?

Their prices are competitive. You can get a tapa anywhere from $3 up to $10 depending on what you choose. The rest of the menu is well-priced with the highest-priced item to be a specialty which went for $14.

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My Thoughts

I loved it! We all enjoyed our meals and highly recommend Mamak Asian Street Food. Unfortunately, they are both almost an hour away. But we will definitely eat here again. In fact, I’m getting ready to head out in a few minutes to take my family to this newfound Asian restaurant. Have you eaten at Mamak Asian Street Food? If so, what was your experience like?

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