Savor the Flavors of Spain at Paella House Restaurant in Orlando

Seafood Paella – image by Paella House

There are a few Spanish restaurants in Orlando. When I say Spanish restaurants, I refer to cuisine from Spain. One of my favorites is Paella House on 12701 S John Young Pkwy #117 in Orlando. It is not a stand-alone building, but it still exudes the Spanish vibe like in Spain. The decor is simple, the dining room is clean, and the staff is polite. The atmosphere is pleasant with their Spanish music and sometimes Flamenco too.

We have been to Paella House many times before and we’re always happy with their food. We have also ordered catering with great results. There was only one time when the food did not meet our expectations. One paella ordered was missing salt, which we remedied by adding some ourselves. But I do not think it is fair to base this review on that time solely. The cook probably had a bad day.

Appetizer Tapas

At Paella House, as appetizers, we have tried the House Special Tapa, Octopus in Garlic, Croquettes, and Brandy Flamed Chorizo. They were all delicious. The House Special Tapa is a cold tapa of aged serrano ham, salchichon, chorizo, olives, and Manchego cheese. Nothing to cook here, but it is a delicious appetizer.

Cold Tapa – image by Paella House

The Octopus in garlic is tender with just the right amount of garlic and olive oil. Perfectly cooked and delicious. It needs no other explanation. The name says it all.

Grilled Octopus – image by Paella House

Croquettes are popular in Spain. They are fried Spanish ham and bechamel sauce fritters. Also, a delicious appetizer that leaves you wanting more.

Croquettes – image by Paella House

But my favorite tapa at Paella House is their Brandy Flamed Chorizo. It is Spanish chorizo sauteed and flamed in brandy. The chorizo needs no seasoning, and flaming it in brandy puts it over the top.

Flamed Brandy Chorizo – image by Paella House

Paella House Entreés to Enjoy

As entrees, we’ve had their Valencian Paella, Seafood Paella, Mixed Paella, Black Paella, and the Ribeye Steak. The Valencian paella has no seafood in it. It includes chorizo, pork, chicken, and peas cooked in saffron rice. Seafood paella, on the contrary, includes clams, shrimps, mussels, and squid cooked in saffron rice. There is another paella that combines chorizo, pork, and chicken with seafood and saffron rice. This is the Mixed Paella. And, the Black Paella has seafood cooked in black squid ink sauce. These paellas are delicious.

Their Ribeye Steak was a sizeable portion of tender, juicy meat cooked to your desired temperature with a side of potatoes. A scrumptious meal for a hearty appetite. They have added some new meal items since my last sit-down visit, which warrants another visit to Paella House soon. Overall, we have been happy with their meals.

Ribeye Steak – image by Paella House

How are Their Desserts?

Paella House portions are generous. The food is so good we always leave our plates empty. Unfortunately, we never have enough room to fit in their desserts. I’m pretty sure they are as good as their foods.

Is it Worth It?

For their pricing, I think it is comparable to restaurants nearby. Therefore, I recommend Paella House as one of the best Spanish restaurants in the Orlando area. However, if you have a different Spanish restaurant you would like to share with me, please do so in the comments. I am all for trying new local restaurants.

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