Searching for the Real Deal Fish & Chips
The Friar Tuck – photo by The Friar Tuck

Searching for Real English Food?

With English Food, particularly Fish & Chips, I recommend none other than The Friar Tuck at Cagan Crossings in the Four Corners area. The Friar Tuck first opened about four years ago in a smaller location at Cagan Crossings. They eventually outgrew it and moved to a larger space in the same community. It is a family-owned and operated restaurant that serves home-style English food. The Friar Tuck hosts various events on a monthly basis, has local entertainers, and a full bar.

The Real Deal

After a trip to England and tasting the authentic fresh fish and chips, we were hesitant to try any British restaurant locally since prior fish and chips experience from other restaurants was not up to par with the ones abroad. Had it not been for my British friend, we would have never ventured out to try The Friar Tuck. She reassured us The Friar Tuck used fresh ingredients from local suppliers and their recipes are authentically English. “Just like home,” she said and she was right. Since then, we’ve eaten at The Friar Tuck plenty of times. To really compare their meals, we again tried other local British restaurants but still prefer The Friar Tuck.

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What have we tasted at The Friar Tuck? Some of the traditional British appetizer bites we’ve had are Scotch Eggs, Baked Bean Pasty, and Sausage Rolls. The Scotch Eggs are deep-fried eggs wrapped in sausage and covered in breadcrumbs. Their appearance is attractive, and the taste was superb. I have to admit the Baked Bean Pasty was my favorite appetizer. It is a pastry filled with beans and cheese – yummy. The Sausage Roll is a baked puff pastry filled with sausage. Another great treat.
Appetizers – photo by the author


The entrée selections we have enjoyed are Fish & Chips, Chicken Pot Pie, and the Baked Fish meal. Their Fish & Chips combo is my favorite. Soft-white flaky codfish fried in a thin layer of perfectly seasoned beer batter. It comes with a side of homemade tartar and dill sauce. They make the chips from fresh-cut potatoes just like in England. So far, the best Fish & Chips I’ve had locally. Chicken Pot Pie has never called my attention, but The Friar Tuck’s homemade Chicken Pot Pie warranted a taste. Once you dig into the flaky puff pastry and explore the chicken and vegetables bathed in a creamy sauce, you know you’re in for a delightful treat. This dish comes with a side of French fries, or as they call it, chips. What can I say about The Friar Tuck’s Baked Fish other than it was great tasting? Tender codfish baked in a creamy dill sauce, a delightful touch to the palate, though the appearance was not too appealing. I preferred a side of mashed potatoes, but you can also choose chips instead. It included a side of peas, carrots, and corn. I found the mashed potatoes were bland and the vegetables, well; they are just vegetables.
Entrées – photo by the author


For dessert, we have tried their famous Spotted Dick and the Fresh Cream donut. The Spotted Dick is a baked pudding with dried fruit served with custard. It did not suit my taste buds, but that does not mean it won’t yours. However, we did enjoy the Fresh Cream donuts which were served warm and drizzled with a strawberry jam sauce and powdered sugar. So deliciously sweet!

My Thoughts

The Friar Tuck’s prices are comparable to that of other local restaurants, and their portions are generous. They added a small market to their restaurant where you can find English products. Therefore, if you are looking for authentic Fish & Chips, or English delicacies, I suggest you visit them. The Friar Tuck is at 601 Cagan Park Avenue in, Clermont, Florida 34714. Have you eaten at The Friar Tuck?

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