Think Outside the Usual Burger Box with Adler’s

Twitty Burger (caramelized pineapple, Applewood bacon, and American cheese)– photo by Adler’s

Adler’s is Amazing!

With hamburgers, we are picky. We no longer eat McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s hamburgers. They do not satisfy our cravings. There are plenty of places that serve hamburgers besides their specialties. But sometimes you just crave a specialty hamburger and not just the plain old BLT or Cheeseburgers sold in every other place. So, where did we eat hamburgers at?

Adler’s! That is the place to go for your special hamburger. I know little about Adler’s history. Their website has no “About Us,” but I really don’t care, as long as they continue making their outstanding burgers. According to their website, their food is handmade with the highest quality ingredients straight from their local vendor’s farm. I love that!

Locations and Atmosphere

From what I gathered, they have two brick-and-mortar locations in Winter Haven and Davenport and a food truck, too. I based my review on the Davenport location on 113 Ambersweet Way in Davenport, Florida 33837. It is not the first time we’ve eaten here, therefore; this review is based on consistency and our pleasant experiences. The restaurant décor is simple—no fancy decorations or any specific theme—but clean, modern, cozy, and comfortable.

Small Menu with a Big Taste

Enough rambling now. Let me get to the good stuff. We have established that Adler’s sells hamburgers, but they are not just any ordinary hamburger. Adler’s has five different choices of hamburgers (Classic, Twitty, Bad Hombre, Bourbon BBQ, and Italian) and every one of them is scrumptious. I say they are all great but I have not tried the Bad Hombre, only because I’m allergic to jalapeño. Having tried almost all of them makes it harder to choose what to eat. But Adler’s is at it again with their amazing menu because they have a “Slider Flight” option. The Slider Flight option is a three-slider hamburger course of your choice and the one I prefer. My personal favorites are the Twitty, Bourbon BBQ, and Italian, but, as I said before, they are all delicious. And, if you like spicy, go for the Bad Hombre and let me know what you think.
Italian and Bourbon BBQ Sliders- photo by the author

Note: The burgers are so good we forgot to take a photo before eating

Their small bites menu (sides) is not too large either. They have French fries (who doesn’t have fries), Fried Mac ‘N Cheese, Jalapeño FireCrackers, Fried Cheese Pickles, and Spicy Fried Cauliflower. Other than the French fries and Fried Mac ‘N Cheese, we have not tried the other sides. The French fries are fresh-cut, crispy, and tasty and their Fried Mac ‘N Cheese, well I’m not a fan of Mac ‘N Cheese but it is good.

There Are Still Some Nice People Providing Service

I cannot complain about the service. So far, it has been good every time. Unfortunately, they are not on any of the delivery apps, but they are relatively close by. Therefore, placing an order and picking it up is not an inconvenience to us. The two gentlemen who have tended to our service are friendly, polite, and make you feel welcomed.

Is it Affordable?

Adler’s prices are comparable to other local restaurants. Prices start at $8 for burgers and small bites for as little as $4.25 and up. They also have a Kid’s Menu for about $7 and a combo meal for $12, which includes a burger, fries, and a drink.

My Thoughts

I love Adler’s and so does my family. I definitely recommend you try them at any of their two locations of Winter Haven or Davenport. Or look them up on Facebook to see where their Food Truck is heading next. I know, I know, it sounds like a commercial, but I have to admit there is nothing I dislike about Adler’s!