You can’t go on a trip without a camera. Even though mobile phones are equipped with good quality cameras, I prefer to take a camera. We recently bought a Go Pro Hero camera which we’re still experimenting with. It takes great photos but you need to know how to properly set it up – something I haven’t even tried to figure out.





Mobile HotSpots/WiFi

If you’re doing an independent trip and are renting a vehicle don’t forget to rent a mobile hotspot/WiFi. It comes in handy. Sure, you can rent a vehicle with a GPS, but the mobile hotspot serves more than just as a GPS. You can carry it in your pocket and be connected anywhere you go.

Mobile Phone Chargers

mobile cell phone chargerWhen my husband bought these I thought it was a waste of money. That was until I had to use it. We were on an escorted tour when my phone battery died. I’m thankful that my husband had packed this little gadget in his backpack and in less than 30-minutes my phone was fully charged while I carried it in my handbag!




I can’t be without my wristwatch – even when I can look at the time on my phone. I’m sure many of you love your wristwatch too. And, if you’re like me who likes to combine outfits and jewelry then take a couple of them with you.