Wearing comfortable shoes can make the difference in whether we enjoy our trip or not. I’ve seen women on an 8-hour flight wearing heels. How comfortable can that be? How about those walking in heels through the cobblestone streets of Italy? So, don’t forget to treat your feet with the respect they deserve.

Casual Shoes

download (1)I love to combine my shoes with what I’m wearing but I don’t want to carry a pair of shoes for each wardrobe. So, I make sure to take a pair of black, tan or cream, and a pair of gray Sketchers walking shoes. I prefer Sketchers because I find them comfortable and they can be used with jeans, leggings, dresses and look good.


91SguMUCsAL._UY500_During my last trip to Italy, it was really cold so I opted to take a pair of boots. Of course, they were Sketcher boots because, as I said before, I find them really comfortable.




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