Comfort is most important when choosing underwear for travel. Below are our recommendations.



There are bras with extra pockets for valuables, as well as, fast drying travel bras. While flying to and from I prefer a sports bra and during my stay, I opt for the travel bras with no wires. My picks are below:


pantyThere are many easy-care fabric underwear brands that come in all styles and colors. I can only speak for the ExOfficio Give & Go underwear for women. I like that they are a mesh material which dries fast. I can tell you that I’ve had them for five years now and they still look and feel great.


Men’s Boxers or Briefs


For men, Lapasa Boxer Briefs Travel Underwear. Both ExOfficio and Lapasa, are great choices. And, since they dry so fast you won’t need to purchase too many.



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