Travel Resources

Traveling requires a great deal of research and budgeting. We always do an extensive research on flights, hotels and places to visit before booking our trip. Just like we have been able to afford wonderful trips to our favorite locations, it is our goal to pass this information on to all those who wish to travel as well. My goal is to provide my followers with the resources necessary to easily research and book their trips.

Getting To Your Destination

The first thing you want to do is research the flights available and costs to the destination you choose. There are so many venues to research from. Here are just a few.

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Etihad Airways APAC


It is best to book your hotel reservations ahead of time. I’ve noticed that some hotels require the total cost of your stay upfront. Usually it is at a lesser cost than if you just reserve it and pay when you leave the hotel. There are many other choices. There are hostels, guest houses, house sitting, Air B&B, vacation rentals – whatever you are comfortable with. Here are a few resources to search through.

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Singles Vacations

Book It All In One

You can book your flights, hotel and car rental all in one or you can book your accommodations separately, as well as your car rental if necessary. The convenience of booking all in one is that when you actually go on your trip everything is already paid for.


Tours & Excursions

Did you know that if you book your tour/excursion ahead of time you avoid the lines? Your time is valuable so don’t waste it on lines. Be prepared to just walk in to whatever venue you chose to visit without the hassle of waiting in line to purchase tickets. Online purchase is fast and easy!

Paris Tours



I hope you were able to book your trip with ease using these travel resources. Enjoy your trip!

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