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We never thought about traveling internationally. In our minds, international travel was a luxury that we couldn’t afford. Other than visiting our precious island of Puerto Rico, visiting other surrounding islands and different states in the U.S.; we never contemplated traveling internationally especially with three children.

Venice , Italy

Our oldest son had a fascination with Venice, Italy. As a little boy, he used to grab his aunt’s book about Venice and ask questions. His analytical mind wondered about Venice’s canals, the “streets of water,” as he called them. I recall that even as a teen Italy was constant on his mind. I still have a school project he did where he had to choose a country to research. He chose Italy. Around April 2007, I recall watching a documentary with my son about Venice, Italy. His fascination was still there, and he told me, “If there is one place I want to visit in this world, it is Venice and one of these days I will be able to go.” That was a few months before tragedy struck our family. He was killed in a pedestrian accident on July 9, 2007. He never got to visit Venice.

Life had changed drastically for us. But we refused to let the grief define our lives. We vowed to live for our son and do things he wanted to do but could not. Besides the many other things we’ve done in his memory, we decided to travel to his favorite place in the world – Venice, Italy; and that is how it all started.

“The Streets of Water”

Like I mentioned before, we are not affluent people that could just choose a destination, pack our bags, and go. Therefore, I researched high and low to find the right place that would help us fulfill our son’s dream. I came across a website that offers vacation packages which could be customized to our desires. It included flights, hotel, transport to and from the hotel, escorted tours, and even some meals! And, the best part is that we were able to put down a deposit and had 10 months to pay it off. By the time we were ready for our trip, it was fully paid, so we only needed to take enough money for whatever meals were not included, tips and anything else we wanted. We did not have to charge the trip on a credit card; so, there was no accruing interest; and we did not have to worry about returning home to pay off an amounting debt on a credit card. Thus, our traveling saga began.

We heard many stories from family and friends who were happy for us and how they wanted to travel but couldn’t. Seeing how easy and accessible it had been to us, we shared our story encouraging them to use the same agency we did. It made us happy to hear the stories of their trips upon their return and how much they enjoyed it. That’s when the idea was born.

Traveler Wows Agency began with Traveler Wows, a travel blog. I want to showcase all the beautiful and exciting places we’ve traveled to thus encouraging you to travel regardless of your budget. You don’t need to bury yourself in credit card debt to visit your dream destination because in Traveler Wows Agency you will find the right trip at the right prices. In Traveler Wows Agency we will focus on all sorts of travels and cruises for people of all economic backgrounds. The main part of our agency will revolve around booking your vacation package with a small deposit and payment plans. We all work hard, sometimes long hours, and we all deserve to travel at least once a year. Our goal is for everyone, wealthy or not, to be able to travel to the destination of their dreams. We only have one life to live. And, remember, “travel is never about money, but about courage. ~ Pablo Coehlo

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