About Me


Hi there, I’m Debbie, a mom, wife, and a blogger married to Ricardo. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful life, family and a dachshund/chihuahua mix who is the king of the house.

My hobbies include writing, mystery shopping, wine tasting and traveling. Although I wish I could travel more often than I do. So, how do I manage my hobbies?

Writing – I’ve written two books thus far: Diary of a Grieving Mother’s Heart and Make An Extra Income While You Mystery Shop. They are available in Amazon in both, Kindle and paperback versions.

I also run two blogs (as of now), Traveler Wows and Debbie’s Reflection. Traveler Wows is self-explanatory, but just in case you don’t get it, it’s a blog about my travels, photos, reviews, tips, and suggestions to your future destinations. There are beautiful places around the world we could not imagine exist. Debbie’s Reflection is a blog about my grieving process after the loss of my oldest son, hope, Spiritualism and everyday life experiences.

Mystery Shopping – I’ve been a mystery shopper since 2005. It’s entertaining, teaches you to be observant, and you earn a little extra income doing what you normally do anyway. What better than that?

Wine Tasting – Besides all the wines I taste at home, I enjoy booking wine tasting tours especially when traveling. We’ve been to quite a few vineyards and hope to visit many more during our next travels.

Traveling – Ohhhhh traveling(sigh) I wish I could do more than I currently do. I am truly thankful for the wonderful places I’ve been to and look forward to the many different destinations to visit.

Well, that’s it about me. I hope you enjoy my blog and find its information useful.

Thank you for visiting!